Saturday, January 29, 2011


As a newbie starting out in this hobby I have decided I am extremely grateful for digital cameras with memory cards that hold upwards of 500 pictures. I tend to stand in one place and snap off as many shots as I can hoping one of them will look good enough to print or post. Usually I am fortunate to get one decent shot. Today, I found a gorgeous spot and ended up getting a few decent shots. Now I need your help deciding which photo is the best. Look at the pictures below and then answer the poll I've placed on the right side of my blog. Thanks for your help!





The polls have closed and I would like to thank everyone for participating. By an overwhelming majority photo #2 was selected as the reader favorite.


  1. I'm not sure you should just think of it as which one is best. Personally, I think #2 is by far the strongest composition. The cropping that accentuates the beautiful long shafts of light is wonderful. But the others appeal for different reasons. #1 has a lot of interesting repetition, and #3 has some interesting things going on in the ceiling beams and the equipment at the left.

    Nice work all around!

  2. JOSH! Wow. You are good. I'm thinking this is more than just a hobby. I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I just gave them all a thumbs up (which is pretty much the same as not voting at all....sorry). Anyway, keep 'em coming! Now that I know about your new found gift I'm anxious to see more.


  3. I'm really liking #2. Though I must ask, was your focal point in the distance or the the half way point? Could you return to the spot and manually focus closer to the camera?