Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Storm

Here are a few shots I snapped tonight of the snow storm here in D.C. as I laughed at everyone else stuck in traffic. I also learned it's hard to take good pictures in a dark snow storm.

The mix of rain and snow was fun to look at through my bedroom window

The light on the trees gave them an eerie glow in my camera's black and white settings

The snow was so thick you couldn't see across the building across the street from our apartment

Here's a cute one my wife took of our son. He loves the snow, probably because it makes everything look so much different than what he is used to. 

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  1. Welcome to poor infrastructure and lots of gray. Boston snow storms were BUTT ugly. But I recall most, walking the streets of Lowell during a nor'easter and a car conveniently hitting a bit snow bank of snow slush, drenching me in the gray mess. I learned the first time and carried an umbrella during the snow.